Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc.

Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc. produces its own SUV (Special Utility Vehicle) line. The choices are endless!

There is nothing standard on an Ideal SUV, other than superior craftsmanship, you tell Ideal how to build it and it is done.

Choose your bathroom, kitchen, bunks, attic bed, generator, refrigerator, stove/oven, furnace, air conditioning, television, stereo, satellite, slide-out — the list goes on! The Ideal SUV is built for YOU and YOUR needs, whether you are pulling a horse trailer, camper, race car trailer, or snow mobile trailer.

We can build it for whatever YOUR needs are. There is no minimum or maximum amount. You control the costs, by YOUR needs. The Ideal SUV will be professionally blue printed (to scale), prior to manufacturing, for your inspection.

Please contact us for a free estimate!

Business Information

Ideal Truck & Trailer Inc
60736 Lincoln Highway
Nevada, IA 50201

Phone: (515) 382-1616