Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc.

Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc. offers complete refurbishment services. Listed below are the standard services that refurbishment includes:

  • repair all accident damage
  • weld cracks in floor, walls, posts or rails, as needed
  • check roof for leaks and re-seal if needed
  • repair or replace bumpers, as needed
  • update locking mechanism, as needed
  • remove/replace all doors, replace worn or damaged door panels
  • adjust, repair or replace counterbalances
  • replace door seals, as needed
  • remove and replace all pin and rollers
  • replace door cables, as needed
  • replace door pull straps, as needed
  • repair door tracks
  • repair bay floors, as needed
  • install keg reinforcement, if needed
  • inspect, repair or replace kingpin & plate, as needed
  • inspect and repair landing gear, as needed
  • inspect and repair/replace lights, as needed
  • update reflectors and conspicuity tape
  • repair or replace step bars, as needed
  • acid wash bays
  • remove existing paint and decals
  • sand, prep, prime and paint
  • decal installation
  • drop shelf kit and shelf installation, as needed
  • cart rack installation
  • inspect brakes and tires on replace if needed
In addition to complete refurbishing, we also purchase used equipment, take trade-ins and also sell used/refurbished beverage trucks, bodies, trailers, and tractors.

If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can order it! We will do everything we can to fulfill your needs. We have several connections across the United States and we will go to work for YOU!

We offer pick-up/delivery service as well, which also includes the ability to haul a route truck on a drop-deck trailer, eliminating any additional miles being put on your vehicle.

Should you refurbish a trailer with us and need to have a loaner while your trailer is at our facility, we also have loaner trailers available. The only thing you need to provide is liability insurance and the use of the trailer is absolutely free.

We take great pride in our work and our ultimate goal is to make our customer pleased and happy with his investment. Should there ever be a problem, where our customer is not completely satisfied, we will handle the problem professionally and fairly to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

Our business is based on a family owned/operated philosophy, where everyone is treated as a brother/sister and not just an employee. We all strive to make our refurbishing the best and our ultimate goal is a pleased and happy Ideal customer.

We want to thank you for visiting our web site and if you are not currently an Ideal customer, we certainly hope that we can have the opportunity to do business with you in the very near future.

We are definitely not the biggest, but we strive to be the BEST in the business!

Business Information

Ideal Truck & Trailer Inc
60736 Lincoln Highway
Nevada, IA 50201

Phone: (515) 382-1616