Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc.


Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc. offers custom beverage delivery truck design, refurbishing, repair, and sales in Nevada, Iowa.

Our company was established in the summer of 2003, and is owned by Jim “Coop’ Cooper. Coop hired Gregg Larson in August 2004 when the company that Coop and Gregg had both worked for closed, and both manage the operations at Ideal Truck & Trailer, Inc.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the beverage delivery vehicle refurbishing industry, there is nothing that Coop and Gregg have not seen.

Over the years, we have seen manufacturers come and go, such as Hi-Line, Swan, Kinnard, Kolstad and the recently closed Centennial — even some that you may have never heard of.

Beverage delivery vehicles are somewhat like humans — none are exactly the same and with all the years of combined experience in the refurbishing industry we know the first place to look for a problem on any manufacturer’s body or trailer.

We not only know where to look for the problem, our staff knows exactly how to repair/replace the problem, putting your unit back into service for an additional 5-8 years.

Aluminum beverage bodies/trailers will eventually turn to dust in approximately 200 years, so none of us will need to worry about experiencing that. Refurbishing is a very lucrative option for any wholesaler or bottler, and will save you thousands of hard-earned dollars when compared to purchasing new equipment. It will be beneficial at tax time as well.

Services Include:

  • Refurbishing to 90-95 percent of new condition
  • Complete body work, repainting and decaling
  • Collision repair
  • Bodies dismounted, remounted & stretched
  • NEW steel drop-frames installed, not used frames
  • All types frame modification
  • Lift-gate sales and service
  • Trailer brake and suspension repairs
  • Truck cab paint and refurbishing
  • Complete driveline shop

Business Information

Ideal Truck & Trailer Inc
60736 Lincoln Highway
Nevada, IA 50201

Phone: (515) 382-1616